5 Flight Packing Essentials For Kids!

How to survive a flight with your kids, we are here to help!

Not only is it your kids you need to deal with, there are likely to be many other families on the same flight! But here are some essential items to help combat the 'Mum i'm hungry' and 'Dad, I need a wee again'!

1. Treat Box

Fill a box with some treats, enough for 1 an hour for a long haul flight or every half hour for a short haul flight. Every kid loves sweets & biscuits, you could give them healthy treat too! This gives them something to look forward too throughout the flight.

2. Tablet

The only time it's considered o.k. to let the kids have an extended period of the on a device. Make sure you download a film or two from Netflix or Disney+ and let them pick a couple of new games to get their teeth into. Finally don't forget to get it fully charged!!

3. Adult Colouring Books

Colouring can be therapeutic for both child and adult, get a fun detailed book you can share with your kids, this could take up 30/60 mins of the flight. Challenge your kids to colour better than you to win a prize!

4. Holiday Planner

There are plenty of day planners that you can print from the web, print one out for each of your kids and ask them to pick one thing everyday that they would love to do. This helps them forget about the boredom and get's their creative juices flowing.

5. A Travel Diary

Purchase a travel diary and get your little ones to fill in their experience of their flight and time at the airport, don't forget to take pics that you can print and stick in too!

And there you have it, just a few ideas to help you get through that flight with your little cherubs!

If all else fails, find a spare seat and plead ignorance! 😂

Thanks for reading.

Chris - Founder of traveljumble

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