9 Cheapest Flight Destinations From The UK

Unbelievably, the destinations listed below regularly have cheap flights for under £40 per person!

1. Italy

In recent years, cheap airline tickets to Italy have become the norm! We have seen amazing destinations such as Venice and Milan cost as little £16 for a return! They aren't the only stunning Italian locations that offer big bang for your buck, you can also visit Pisa, Ancona, Cagliari, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Palermo and Bari for under £40 per person.

2. Spain

Always popular with visitors around Europe, Spain offers a number of cheap options for weekend breaks, with flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville & Bilbao. For those sun filled beach holiday's you can find cheap airfare to Malaga, Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca, Reus and all of the Canary Islands! These prices don't hang around for ever so make sure you don't siesta for too long.

3. Portugal

Cheap flights to Portugal are around almost 365 days a year. There are three main airports for bargain flights which are Faro, Porto and one of our favourite cities Lisbon. For these kinds of prices, it will leave you plenty of money for those freshly grilled sardines and the famous egg custard tarts (Pastéis de Nata).

4. Hungary

For a beautiful and cheap weekend away, Hungary is a fantastic option! Not only is it cheap to fly to, the country is generally cheap too! The best flight prices we have found are for the capital Budapest and city of Debrecen.

5. Denmark

Heading north to Scandinavia now, although this area of the world is known for being expensive, to get there is super cheap! Flights from the U.K. to Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg are consistently under £40 for a return. We hope this gives you the building blocks to a great trip, seeing as Denmark is where LEGO was invented!

6. Malta

Surprisingly, flight prices to Malta have dropped in recent years, with so much to see and explore it is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are a keen diver. For a 3 hour 15 minute flight, you certainly can't put your nose up at the price. Flights are regularly available to Luqa airport.

7. Croatia

In recent years Croatia's popularity has grown and grown, I mean who can you blame when you have such an insanely gorgeous coastline! Flights are now regularly heading to multiple airports with the best deals in Pula, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Split.

7. France

Our neighbours across the Channel have such a variety of destinations to visit that will suit everyone and that is why us brits continue to flock there year after year, oh and the cheap wine obvs!!! Cheap flights to France can be found to Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux, Bergerac and Nice. Merci!

8. Germany

For some history and culture, look no further than Germany! With super cheap flights always available to Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Dortmund there are so many opportunities for a 2 or 3 day break!

9. Lithuania

Something a little different to finish with! Flights to Lithuania can often be as cheap as £20 return, there are two airports in Vilnius and Kaunas that are generally the best value. Basketball is like a second religion here, so why not take in a game, try their famous cold beetroot soup or explore the lush green landscape.

Final Thoughts

With so many amazing options at crazy low prices, the opportunity to explore has never been more accessible to so many of us.

We do a lot of research to get the best deals and sites like skyscanner can help you grab some of the cheapest airfares around.

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Thanks for reading

Chris - Founder of traveljumble

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