The 3 Cheapest Airlines in the U.K.

So if you are looking for flights on a shoestring budget, or you just love a bargain? Here are the 3 airlines to watch like a hawk for insanely good deals.

1. Ryanair

With a reputation like marmite, Ryanair are still the cheapest airline in the U.K! Not only are they cheap, they have a huge variety of destinations they fly to. They also operate from a number of different airports across the country.

We have seen flights as low as £10 for a return and there are regular cheap flights to Spain, Italy and more.

Whilst our own experiences have been mixed with Ryanair, what can you really grumble about for such a crazy low price, I mean if it gets you to where you want to be, thats all that matters right?? You don't have to buy the £10 tub of Pringles!

2. easyJet

The iconic orange and white brand have been serving our nation since 1995 and continue to provide what is probably considered the most consistent of short haul services.

They too boast a fantastic array of destinations to visit across Europe. Prices are on average slightly higher than Ryanair, but you can still find flights between £20 & £40 throughout the year.

The other bonus of easyJet is that the added extras are more reasonable than the others in this list.

3. Wizz Air

Hungarian airline Wizz Air have been based out of London Luton Airport for a number of years and are continuing to expand their route selection with new routes from Gatwick.

We have flown with Wizz on a couple of occasions and can have no complaints.

They offer some great flights to various destinations usually around the £30-£50 mark, which is still remarkable value for money. The only issue with Wizz is being based out of Luton and Gatwick, this may not suit you based on where you live, however if you are close by then we suggest you take a Wizz (sorry, we know that was a terrible joke).

Final Thoughts

The above three airlines all offer incredibly cheap flights, making exploring our beautiful continent much easier for us all. If we were to rank them easyJet would win, purely on overall experience.

In second place is Ryanair, if you are flying anywhere less than 3 hours away and the cost is crazy low, then go for it. You may end up being slightly delayed or paying too much for those Pringles but it's so worth it.

Finally, Wizz Air in third, as they continue to expand they will become more competitive and i see them becoming an even bigger player in the market, for now though, if you can get to Luton & Gatwick easily, this could work out great for you.

Thanks for reading

Chris - Founder of traveljumble

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